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 Class Overview:

Our classes are casual, informal & a LOT of fun! The combination of steps taught will
strengthen the dancer’s awareness of Bollywood dancing, Indian classical and folk dancing (like
Bhangra), musicality, timing, spacing & precision. The choreography will progress over several
classes (typically 4 but depends on the complexity of the choreography). The training will give
you the confidence to execute exciting performances at any level.


Q:) What is your class pricing?

Please visit Rates page for pricing details

Q:) When and where are classes held?

Our complete schedule and locations, with google map links, are available on our Schedule page 
and Locations page.

Q:) What is the difference between the Bollywood Workout and Bollywood Dance classes?

Our Bollywood Workout class is designed to give students a cardio workout and involves
dancing to back-to-back Bollywood music for a fun and intense workout. Our Bollywood dance
class teaches students choreography to a Bollywood song over a series of classes (typically
4) and are available to students of all skill levels. The dance classes will also give you a good

Q:) I have two left feet and cannot dance,which class should i take to catch on rhythm
and movement and be able to dance to any style of Indian music at parties etc.?

The Adult Beginner dance class is probably the best fit for you. Our talented instructors break
down every step and cater to students of all skill levels.

Q:) What happens of i miss a class? How do i make up for missed classes?

If you miss a class that you are registered for, you can make up for the missed class by attending
a class at another location prior to the expiration date of your classes.

Q:) Can I try out a class first?

Yes, you can try out a class for only $8 for your first class for the Adult classes and $15 for kids classes. 
This is the best way to experience a Bollywood Shake class for yourself!

Q:) Can I come watch a class, instead of taking a drop in class?

Unfortunately, no; for safety and liability reasons, we do not permit guests or observers in the
studio or waiting areas, during our classes. Plus the best way to experience a Bollywood
Shake class is to try it for yourself!

Q:) Do you offer refunds?

We have a no refund policy. But if you can’t attend a session you signed up for, you
have up to 3 months to join another session that is more convenient for you.

Q:) How do I sign up for classes? What are the modes of payment?

We request that all new students sign up for classes online HERE. Payment can be made online
using a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover) or pay by credit card or check on your
first day of class. Checks can be made out to “Bollywood Shake”. We also offer a convenient
monthly automated payment option for select classes.

Q:) Can I pay per class?

Yes. The cost per individual class is $15 per class. However, we recommend that
you sign up for at least a 4-class session. It is less expensive than attending individual
classes and for the dance classes, it will be easier to learn and follow the choreography.

Q:) What should I wear to class? 

Most students wear yoga clothes, t-shirts, tank tops, sweats, or other activewear; as long as you
are comfortable and can move around easily. Most women also find it a good idea to wear a
sports bra or similar support.

As for footwear, all of our studios have a "No Street Shoes" policy to protect the specialty dance
flooring, so please don’t wear your regular shoes in class. You are welcome to dance barefoot, or
try dance sandals, jazz shoes, or a dansneaker. Athletic shoes are permitted, so long as they are
not worn for other/outside activities and have a non-marking sole (most major-brand shoes will
indicate so on the sole).

Q:) Do I need dance experience to take a Bollywood Shake class?

You do not need any prior dance experience to attend our beginners dance or workout
classes. The instructor breaks down the steps so that students of all skill levels can

Q:) Can I join the performing group?

Yes, experienced dancers are welcome to try out for our performing group. Please
send an email to to setup an audition date.

Q:) Do you hold classes on National Holidays?

No. We typically do not hold classes on National Holidays and National Holiday
weekends. Please check our website for schedule and holiday dates.

Q:) I am over 50 years of age, is it too late for me to start dancing?

No it's never too late to start. Our oldest student is 65+ . Our classes start from ages 4 years &
up. There is NO AGE LIMIT!! We believe anyone can dance. There is a class for everyone.

Q:) Can you start a class in my area?

Yes we can. We would need a minimum of 6-8 students to start a new class, so get your family
and friends together and we can then take it from there!

Q:) Do you offer any sibling/family discounts?

Yes, we offer a 10% sibling/family discount.

Q:) Do you perform at private events?

Yes, we can perform at your private event. We also offer interactive Bollywood dance
workshops for private events that are usually very popular! Please send an email to with details on your event for pricing and availability.

Q:) Do you offer Dance Costumes on rent?

Yes, we do offer Costumes on Rent. You can find details about the Costume Rental HERE
Please Note: We are shipping costumes across the country now