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Bollywood Shake Class Descriptions


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Bollywood Workout classes -  These classes are a non-stop combination of Bollywood dance moves working every part of the body.  They focus on strength training, cardiovascular exercise, toning and tightening of muscles, agility and flexibility training, and mental well-being.  Each student can pace themselves based on their fitness level so students of all levels are welcome. Classes are fun and energetic and you will definitely break a sweat!  Bring water and a towel. 

Bollywood Dance classes - In these classes, students learn choreographed routines to popular Bollywood songs.  Short choreographed dance routines are typically taught for full appreciation of the movements taught in the class.  Each class includes a warm-up and cool-down segment.  Bollywood Shake offers different types of Bollywood dance classes differentiated by skill level (Beginners, Intermediate) and style of dance (Folk, Couples/Salsa, HipHop etc.). 

Bollywood Kids classes -  Ages 4-16, varying per class.  Kids will learn new dance moves, body positioning, and choreographed routines to Bollywood music.  Children will leave our classes with a sense of accomplishment, respect, body-awareness and varying levels of physical fitness.  They will also awaken and explore their creative brain, all while having fun!  Kids will also have the opportunity to perform learned choreography at various events around town (typically 2 performances per semester).